Donald J. Trump has been the President of the United States (POTUS) for:

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When America Is Great Again

Features of this Administration:

Trump's great wall icon

Strong Borders

A strong border program, ensuring a stronger nation. Nations should have the authority to decide who is allowed in their borders, and how long those individuals can stay.

Respect our officers and police force

Law & Order

Being a country which respects our laws and officers who enforce them. By in large, we have one of the best police systems in the world. Now if people could just respect that.

Destruction of ISIS, No ISIS

ISIS Destruction

ISIS has been described by Obama as the J.V. team, however he was wrong. ISIS must be stopped, and this is one of the primary missions of Trump's Administration. He has some amazing generals working on it.

America First, Jobs, Taxes, Trade, and Manufacturing

American Jobs

America First! Creating new high paying jobs through smarter trade, more American manufacturing, less business regulations, and a better tax plan.